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31st July 2013
Seven Days in Queenstown




Coronet’s Peak


views from the plane and a glimpse of our hotel


View from our hotel window



Danny had the whole town watching him doing flips


and other tricks




some of the food we ate


horse riding at Dart Stables


after our 43m bungy jump


Onsen pools and ready for paragliding


Korean BBQ for dinner




Lake Wanaka cruise


Stone grills at Pog Mahones (venison and surf & turf) + Danny meets a new friend


Green-lipped mussels in a cream white wine sauce


Bluff oysters, grilled mushrooms with cheese and ribs

I apologize for the flood of images guys but when you go to a place like Queenstown it’s hard not to take photos! Danny and I recently traveled to Queenstown, New Zealand (thought I’d clarify its the NZ’s Queenstown and not the Tassie one as Danny and I spent the first two days reading the wrong weather forecast, joy) for a short break from everyday life and some adventure time. Danny, being the awesome bf that he is had organised the trip for my birthday, but we decided to go in July as it would mean we’d get to enjoy more snow, this however proved to be quite the opposite. Thanks to climate change, this year in Queenstown, July was warmer than last and so there was not as much snow. But hey, we’re Aussies so whatever snow they had was more snow than we’ve ever seen in a lifetime, so we’ll take whatever you got Queenstown – thank you very much.

Queenstown is a resort town so there were more things to do than you could probably squeeze into a lifetime but we chose to do the pretty standard stuff – snowboarding (our first time ever, my bottom had bruises to prove), bungy jumping, clay shooting (proud to say we’re pretty good for first timers), paragliding (originally supposed to be sky diving but weather did not permit such adventure), horse riding and finally a good ole soak in the Onsen pools. We also scoured the town and went on a bike ride and a cruise in an attempt to wind down a little.

I probably should mention I have a slight fear of heights and steep hills so bungy jumping and paragliding was a bit of a challenge. The worst part for me wasn’t the jumping or running off a hill but the waiting to do it, but then again I’m almost certain I have some sort of anxiety issue as well, so that might explain it. Danny’s favorite activity was the clay shooting, not surprising because well, he’s a boy and boys like shooting stuff. Our clay shooting instructor/host was mega nice and knowledgeable and not just about guns/hunting but also about Queenstown in general – would definitely recommend! My personal favorite was bungy jumping because I felt like I achieved something awesome. Originally we planned to go tandem (because I was too scared) but when we got there the lady processed us as individual jumpers and I couldn’t be bothered getting her to re-issue our tickets so we made a spur of a moment decision to jump by ourselves. I freaked out on the top but went for it anyway because the guy started counting down. I work best under pressure it seems.

Aside from all the adventurous activities we did, we also ate – a lot. Our first two nights were spent in our hotel lobby downing two-for-one meals and cheap alcohol ($3.50 beers and $4 mulled wined). The next few days we roamed the town for more specials and found ourselves at Red Rock for $10 big breakfasts, $20 stone-grills at Pog Mahones and occasionally back in our hotel room for 2 minute noodles. We also tried K-BBQ there, which was a tad expensive but also very tasty and had Thai twice at two different places (none beats Sydney’s Thai though). We also ate at the very famous and very popular Fergburger thrice. The first time we had Southern Swine, then Chief Wiggum (pork belly) and finally the original Fergburger with cheese as well as trying out the newly established Fergbaker where we down their pork belly and apple pies in two mouthfuls (it’s either too small in size or too tasty – we haven’t decided yet). We had the best breakfast at Joe’s Garage, which serves one of the nicest coffee in town and another morning was spent at Bob’s Weigh Cafe were we had a more than okay French Toast.

Our most memorable meals were the ones from Flame Bar and Grill where we shared a very yummy $34 full rack of ribs and also at The Ballarat Trading Company where we tried our first few Bluff Oysters (not as good as our’s, choppier and thicker texture than normal oysters) and also a nice bowl of green lip mussels in creamy white wine sauce.

I had a super amazing time in Queenstown and Danny has come to a conclusion I am not a sight-seeing kind of person (I got bored on the cruise). I’m already planning where we can go next and we hope to have more travel adventures to tell you soon!

Ramblings about food will return to normal after this post.

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3 Responses to “Seven Days in Queenstown”

  1. Natasha
    August 2, 2013 at 10:13 am

    I love it guys!!!! It looks so much fun. Just reading this made me so hungry! The scenery looks amazing! I love the photo quality, you guys are so adorable

    • Soth
      August 2, 2013 at 8:02 pm

      Thanks for reading Tash! Hope you’ve been well.


  2. anth
    October 30, 2013 at 9:18 am

    ur bf is a swagFAG

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