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11th July 2013
Cheeky Czech


Grilled Haloumi ($5)


Prague Beef Roll Up ($18.90)


White Farm Rabbit Roast ($23.90)


Pork Belly Roast ($20.90)


Chicken Breast & Chorizo Risotto ($12.50)

Cheeky Czech
124 King St
Newtown, NSW 2042

A few nights ago we decided to go out on a double date. After our original plans to dine at Tharen’s fell through, we decided to eat at Cheeky Czech, a small but friendly restaurant in Newtown. Cheeky Czech is located on King St which means it’s in the heart of Newtown, unfortunately this also means parking was going to be a problem. We parked in one of the back streets and made our way through the chilly night to Cheeky Czech. As we step inside, the chef greets us. We tell him we have a reservation and he tells us to sit anywhere as there weren’t a lot of people. We made a booking beforehand on “Dimmi” which allows a guaranteed seat straightaway which I think is awesome. Soth had been to Cheeky Czech before but didn’t get to enjoy the full experience of the Pork Belly as she had spoiled her dinner beforehand with a snack (small chips, double beef and cheese and a banana berry smoothie) from McDonalds (tsk tsk tsk).

Soth and I had already looked at the menu beforehand as it was available online and had already made our dinner selection so we left the time for our company to make theirs. I ordered the Farm White Rabbit Roast ($23.90) and Soth ordered the Pork Belly Roast ($20.90) we also had a plate of Grilled Haloumi ($5) to share. Our company ordered Prague Beef Roll Up ($18.90) and the Chicken Breast & Chorizo Risotto ($12.50) and also a plate of Grilled Haloumi to share. Cheeky Czech also serve Czech alcohol but we didn’t feel like drinking that night and I was driving.

Our grilled haloumi came out first as it was an entree and it was nice and brown on the outside with a small serve of salad and a slice of lemon on the side. It was good quality haloumi and not rubbery. While we waited for our main meals we noticed foreign money displayed on a small portion of the restaurant’s walls. We all tried looking for a Cambodian note and I finally spotted one. It was a standard wait before the main meals came out and most of our dishes came out at the same time except for the risotto but that wasn’t too far behind either.

I had never had rabbit before but have heard it tastes like chicken which was confirmed with the first bite. It has a rougher texture though and was a little stringy. It came with Czech style potato dumplings and I chose braised red cabbages as my side. I personally did not like the potato dumplings as it reminded me of Playdoh and would prefer normal potatoes but I like how the restaurant keeps it traditional.

Soth enjoyed her Pork Belly which also came with red cabbage and potato dumplings, though she thought it was a little salty. The chicken breast and chorizo risotto was nicely cooked. The beef rollup was interesting and flavourful and the potato pancakes it was served with were nice.

It was a good small restaurant, but wasn’t ‘great’ in my opinion because I didn’t want to keep eating, maybe because I’m not into Czech cuisine. The service was great, our waitress was very polite and always smiling but the restaurant didn’t offer dessert which was a downer but overall still worth a try if you want to experience traditional Czech cuisine. The serving portions are also huge! It’s a good place to have a casual dinner with some friends.

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2 Responses to “Cheeky Czech”

  1. July 13, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Thanks for uncovering this place. I’ve had czech food in czech and they’re not really known for their food. Very heavy stuff. But I definitely could appreciate this on a really cold wintery night!

    Ughh.. and I hate parking in Newtown!

    • Soth
      July 24, 2013 at 12:35 pm

      Hi Priscilla,

      Thanks for commenting! :) If you ever end up at Cheeky Czech I would highly recommend the Beef Goulash! Really hits the spot on a cold and wintery night.

      - Soth

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