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18th June 2013
TK Something (or rather)


So many condiments I am confused…




Marinated kangaroo fillets



These remind me of Oods from Dr Who

TK Something
7/47-49 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Vale NSW 2166

We haven’t been to Korean BBQ in a while, so it seemed quite fitting to reintroduce ourselves to it on a cold and windy Sunday evening. Danny was feeling more or less like a hobo (both cold and hungry at the same time) having just finished a shift at work and I had just had an eventful day hunting down Thai Tea . Learning to brew the incredibly yummy yet incredibly bad for you concoction was enough to make me hungry so we decide to pay a visit to our closest Korean BBQ – TK Something.

Situated in Canley Vale (the quieter and less trendy brother of Canley Heights), TK Something is an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ ‘inspired’ restuarant serving up an impressive menu selection of marinated meat from kangaroo, lamb, beef to the classic pork belly and a good range of seafood. As we sit down we’re asked by our waitress if we’ve been here before. We have actually, a very long time ago and from what I recalled we didn’t really like it (can’t remember why though). We had hoped it changed but the lady confirms otherwise. “It’s exactly the same” she says. $29.50 per person, all you can eat.

When you think of an all-you-can-eat restaurant you sort of expect it to be a buffet – one where you get up out of chair, walk around, deliberate a little at the less than perfect selection, settle and finally grab whatever you think you’ll eat onto a plate. TK Something was…not a buffet. Sure you can order whatever you want from the menu, but lets face it – I feel like the waitress is judging us every time we add a dish to our order. “You know you can order more later…” she tells us. Yes, we know but we’re hungry and when hungry people get to a restaurant we order everything that doesn’t have a price next to it.

Best part about taking your bf to a Korean BBQ? He feels like he should man it, which means more time for me to eat and less effort on my part (sorry man…). Worst part? He orders pretty much everything from their marinated kangaroo, to lamb to chicken, to ox tongue to beef, octopus and pork. Struggle street towards the end of the meal is all I can say.

Before all the meat arrives, we get our sides which is a bit overwhelming in it’s own right. There were so many condiments I’m confused as to what to eat them with and so only end up eating the traditional Korean hot pepper paste (gochujang) and the kimchi with a bit of seaweed and sliced pickled cucumber here and there. The rest is untouched expect the sweet chilli sauce because Danny couldn’t resist the sugar.

Our meat comes and we plopped them onto the BBQ and wait patiently for them to cook. Here is when I come to realise two things:

1. always bring someone with you who knows how to cook meat (Danny) and knows when it’s ready (cos I had no fucking idea) and 2. chicken is probably a poor choice, too cooked = dry, not cooked enough = salmonella, and possibly brain damage…hmmm…

There’s a 2 hour time limit at TK Something and we spend a good hour and half there with the last half struggling to finish our second batch of meat (here’s when I start playing Ken and Barbie with the octopus we’re about to put in our mouths). Fortunately Danny’s pretty determined not to cop the $5 surcharge for over ordering and downs most of the meat. We’re even game enough to go to the dessert table after with Danny going for seconds (the dude loves his sugar) though his food baby has probably gone from 4 weeks to 8. I eat 3 slices of very sweet and very yummy watermelon and my stomach feels like it’s about to to burst, threatening to cover everyone within a 5m radius with semi digested meat – sorry for the visual.

Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it, though it’s hard for me to remember any good Korean BBQ experience to be honest (the worst one was when I ordered Korean BBQ and the waiter came out with already cooked meat and said – “we cooked it for you…” hmmm…I’m sorry but what was the point then?).

It was one of the better experiences I’ve had, the meat wasn’t bland and there was a range of sauces from the classic Asian Sriracha sauce to sweet chilli and even soy and sliced chilli, for those not into traditional Korean dipping sauces (this seems fitting considering the restaurant location – not many Koreans in Fairfield City). The range of meat available was also impressive ranging from Kangaroo to the classic pork belly and a good selection of seafood – so they really live up to their ‘family restaurant’ reputation because there’s something for everyone. Only downside is service, we didn’t feel as ‘welcomed’ as we would have liked and Danny was disappointed with the hotness of the grill (he was really hungry). He also thinks the desserts could have been better (“not woolies dessert cakes served” – his words, not mine).

Till next time…

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2 Responses to “TK Something (or rather)”

  1. Thipon
    June 18, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    Hey guys,

    Loved reading your dining experience, made my night to be honest :) I was planning to go to TK Something with the sister because of the same reasons you stated, it being the closest KBBQ to where we live. I feel less inclined now though, maybe because I’ve realised that being a vegetarian pretty much means it is foolish to pay $30 for an all you can eat KKBQ where all you can eat are the side dishes :P

    Are all KBBQ all-you-can-eat dining? I want to be able to go to one where I can order maybe black bean noodles or something and a bottle of soju cos its cold, and because I’m an alcoholic, whilst the sister munches on meat. I really like the atmosphere at KBBQ’s and would love to be able to go to one where I can just pay for what I order.

    Thanks for the review though, and keep at it. Tis foolish of me to request, but I love reading your critique on stuff like this :)

    • Soth
      June 18, 2013 at 11:44 pm

      Hey Thi ;)

      Not all Korean BBQs are all you can eat. The closest one to us is the Korean restaurant in Cabramatta on John St next to Noodle House and they serve authentic Korean cuisine with K-BBQ offered as sets. Danny and I have also been to a Korean restaurant on the main strip of Strathfield that was the same. I think many people prefer all you can eat K-BBQ because it ‘seems’ to be a better deal than sets but seeing as you’re a vegetarian it might be worthwhile to go to a restaurant that isn’t a buffet.

      Danny’s been to one in Campsie called ‘Se Jong’ and he said they served other food other than K-BBQ as part of their buffet though he’s unsure if they were vegetarian or not.

      As for future posts – have no fear my friend. Our journey has just begun so definitely more to come ;)

      <3 tanks for the comment friend!

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